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EmSculpt Neo (Coming Soon!)

In a sample of over 1,000 American adults, 79% reported unhappiness with how their body looks at times.

The same study found that most Americans would be willing to take action to improve their appearance. With EmSculpt Neo, that action is as simple as a few safe and comfortable treatments at your local spa

The extra fat that accumulates around the stomach, buttocks, arms, legs, and calves is more stubborn than fat in other parts of the body. But getting rid of it doesn’t have to mean surgery or five trips to the gym per week.

EmSculpt Neo

What Is Emsculpt?

There are certain parts of the body that tend to accumulate more fat than others. That problem becomes worse with age and poor dietary choices.

While other body contouring treatments focus on ridding the body of extra fat, EmSculpt was the first of its kind that worked on fat and muscles. EmSculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to force muscles to contract. Those contractions restructure the muscle tissue which, in turn, causes the fat around them to break down.

The result is toned muscles and reduced fat in even the most problematic areas. The treatment is non-invasive and doesn’t require any surgery.

EmSculpt Versus EmSculpt Neo

Released in August 2020, EmSculpt Neo is the second generation of EmSculpt. EmSculpt Neo combines HIFEM technology with radiofrequency (RF) energy to achieve even more dramatic results.

The RF energy heats the muscles and quickly raises their temperature by several degrees. The subcutaneous fat reaches temperatures that cause permanent damage to the fat cells within 4 minutes. The damaged fat cells are then metabolized by the body.

The added benefit of RF makes EmSculpt Neo the new industry leader in body contouring.

EmSculpt Neo

How Long Do Results Last?

The EmSculpt Neo treatment feels like an intense workout. As such, some people feel sore in the treated area for no longer than 2 days. While many patients report immediate results, it takes 2-3 months for more visible results.

Those results are not permanent and patients can expect improvements to last approximately 6 months. In addition, patients are encouraged to maintain an exercise routine and a healthy diet to maximize their results.

Who Is a Candidate for EmSculpt Neo Treatment?

Depending on factors including age, genetics, general health, and diet, losing weight is more difficult for some people than others. What’s even more difficult is toning the muscle after losing extra weight. 

Because EmSculpt Neo works on both fat and muscle, you’re a candidate if either of the above statements is true for you. It’s effective for both men and women and it’s a great option for people looking to avoid surgery or liposuction.

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EmSculpt Neo is the only body contouring treatment that works on both fat and muscle. It builds on the success of its predecessor with an added method for ridding the body of unwanted fat and it’s quickly becoming an industry leader.

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EmSculpt Neo Prices

Session Time


Package of 5

Package of 10

15 Minutes


$225 (Reg $250)

$400 (Reg $500)

30 Minutes


$360 (Reg $400)

$720 (Reg $900)

45 Minutes


$495 (Reg $550)

$880 (Reg $1100)

60 Minutes


$580 (Reg $640)

$960 (Reg $1200)

Session Time

Price / Package of 5 / Package of 10

15 Minutes

$50 / $225 (Reg 250) / $400 (Reg $500)

30 Minutes

$80 / $360 (Reg 400) / $720 (Reg $900)

45 Minutes

$110 / $495 (Reg 550) / $880 (Reg $1100)

60 Minutes

$120 / $580 (Reg $640) / $960 (Reg $1200)

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