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There are many reasons why Beauty Factory Spa is the right place for the best skincare. From our services to our modern equipment to our well-trained personnel, and much, much more, we have a lot to offer.

Whether you’ve come in for a quick lunchtime laser hair removal process or relaxing hours-long body treatment, you know that, for that time, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy doing something nice for yourself.

All Skin Types

Whatever your skin type, we can provide you with skincare services at Beauty Factory Spa. We work with dry, oily, and combination skin. Additionally, we work with people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Whatever your skincare need, you can come to us for our services.

Face and Skin Care Essentials

more permanent way to extend your lashes

eyelashes are the ultimate symbol of glamour

it is a painless, non-invasive procedure

replenish your skin’s natural tone

improve your skin texture, diminish signs of aging

lasts for up to three years

get great aesthetic results that you see

Body Care, Body Countering and weight loss Essentials

fat-freezing treatments such as cool-sculpting

FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair removal

your skin can glow. No matter your age

excellent option to lose weight quickly

relieve anxiety, strengthen your immune system

aesthetic spa treatment for fat reduction

shrinks your fat cells and tightens your skin

New Modern Equipment

When you’re looking for the right beauty service that meets all your skincare needs, they need to have the most modern equipment available. At Beauty Factory Spa, we have all this modern equipment. Take our cryolipolysis machine, for example.

In the past, if someone wanted fat reduction, they would need to have liposuction done. Now, there’s the modern body contouring technique, which is much safer, making your recovery quick and easy.

We also have the safer alternative to liposuction because of our lipo laser machine. We have a pressotherapy machine, which helps reduce the visibility of cellulite. Additionally, we have the Venus Versa body contouring machine.

With our electrolysis machine, we make hair removal nearly painless—and it’s far more effective than waxing or shaving.

With our microdermabrasion machine, you can get your skin treated for issues such as wrinkles, age spots, and acne. This modern machine makes it possible for the treatment to be minimally invasive and quick.

We also have an ultrasound cavitation machine, which makes it possible for you to lose some of the fat on your body without needing to get an invasive treatment.

Med Spa Equepment

Well-Trained Personnel

When you walk into a spa, it’s important to feel comfortable. After all, you’re coming in so that, when you leave, you feel beautiful. We understand this at Beauty Factory Spa. That’s why,  from the moment you walk in, we’ll be professional toward you.

All our receptionists are friendly and well-organized, and they’ll answer any questions you have about your treatments whenever they’re available.

As for the professionals managing the aesthetic treatments, you can be sure that the second you walk into the room, they’ll sit down and make you feel comfortable.

LGBTIQA+ Friendly

At Beauty Factory Spa, we pride ourselves on being progressive and open. If you’ve had any negative experiences with beauty health care professionals in the past as a gay, lesbian, or transgender person, know that this won’t happen when you walk in through our door.

When you come in, we will treat you with respect no matter what your lifestyle. All of our staff are open and will be happy to work with you in every way.

We celebrate diversity and want you to know that you’ll be comfortable coming in to see us.

Convenient Location

No matter where you’re based, Beauty Factory Spa is easy to get to. Located at 1204 Broadway, Manhattan, we’re right in the center of the city, just a quick cab ride away from any office in Midtown, the Garment District, or Hell’s Kitchen.

There are six subway lines that go into this station, the 1, 2, 3, A, C, and E. Even if you aren’t on one of these lines, it’s easy to transfer to them and get here fast.

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