Vibration Body Molding Massage

Vibration massage techniques have a long history of relieving tense muscles, opening energy channels, and relaxing the body. Frequently performed at a variety of speeds during the same session, this gentle massage technique reliably produces a parasympathetic response and can thereby increase circulation as the connective tissue becomes more relaxed.

By “tricking” your body into momentarily shutting down its protective muscle-tightening mechanisms, vibration techniques can eliminate tension with far less pain or struggle than other massage methods. Heavier vibrations tend to have a more stimulating effect, and slower vibrations tend to feel more soothing.

To combat the stresses of daily life and increase overall wellness, increasing numbers of New York residents are turning to body molding massages for the numerous benefits that these treatments provide.

What to Expect From Your Vibration Body Molding Massage

During your vibration body molding massage session, you can expect your masseuse to repeatedly press, shake, and then release the soft tissue around various areas of your body. Each vibration will only last a few seconds. If your masseuse is working on an especially tight area, then you may feel a sudden wave of relaxation as concentrated spots of tension begin to release

How to Prepare for Your Vibration Body Molding Massage

Before you arrive for your appointment at the spa, you’ll want to make sure to drink plenty of water. With a properly hydrated body, you will notice that your muscles and connective tissue are more pliable. In addition, being adequately hydrated will help your body remove toxins released during your session.

If you have a regular meditation or relaxation practice, then you may also want to prepare for your appointment by clearing your mind and performing any breathing exercises that help you reduce stress. The more relaxed you are throughout your body, the easier it will be for your massage therapist to work deep into the soft tissue and get you the best results.

Vibration Body Molding Massage

The Biggest Benefits of Vibration Body Molding Massage

• Improved flexibility
• Firmer, healthier skin
• Reduced pain in tight areas
• Increased circulation
• Firmer, shaplier musculature and other positive aesthetic changes

• More sustained energy throughout the day
• Decreased stress


In addition, vibration massage techniques are especially effective for toning and relaxing muscles in the following areas:

• Shoulder
• Upper Arms
• Lower Back
• Inner and Outer Thighs
• Calves

• Buttocks

How Quickly Will You See Results?

In most cases, you can expect to see a significant difference in flexibility immediately after your session ends. Also, many clients report feeling extremely relaxed within the first few minutes of the massage beginning. While it may take a few days before you notice increased muscle tone in various areas, you should not be surprised if specific parts of your body also look firmer within the first 24 hours after your body molding massage. In addition, you may notice fast changes in skin health as well.

How Long Will Your Vibration Body Molding Massage Results Last?

While certain effects, such as increased flexibility, may last for several weeks after your treatment, it is ultimately a combination of your lifestyle and your daily habits that will determine how long your results last. For optimal results, treat your vibration body molding massage sessions as one component of a steadfast commitment to health, wellness, and proper nutrition. You may also wish to combine body molding massage treatments with cryolipolysisLED light therapy, or other cutting-edge wellness services.

Vibration Body Molding Massage Prices

1 Session

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

12 Sessions


$280 (REG $320)

$480 (Reg $640)

$660 (Reg $760)

Number of Sessions

1 Session


4 Sessions

$280 (REG $320)

8 Sessions

$480 (REG $640)

12 Sessions

$660 (REG $760)

What to Expect


30-60 minutes


minor swelling & bruising




3 to 5 sessions


6 months to 3 years

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