Wood Therapy

Wood therapy is blowing up; there is no denying that. Many of the more than 20,000 spas in the US, like Beauty Factory Boutique Spa, are adopting this therapy as an alternative to traditional massage.

What exactly is wood therapy?

Wood therapy aims to relieve tension, promote wellness and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Wood Therapy: The Basics

Wood therapy is the practice of using wooden massage tools to break down fat and cellulite. These tools are used in the therapeutic art to direct pressure to a myriad of problem areas to eliminate body fat. 

Modern wood therapy derives from ancient Eastern practices that used wood manipulation as a holistic natural cure and preventative. Recently, wood therapy is exploding in popularity. South America is especially embracing wood therapy, where it is known as maderoterapia. 

Is Wood Therapy the Same as Body Contouring?

A common misconception, wood therapy is not the same treatment as body contouring. While the goals of both wood therapy and body contouring are the same, body contouring achieves these goals by tightening the skin rather than breaking down fat. 

Wood Therapy
Wood Therapy

The Benefits of Wood Therapy

Wood therapy has several benefits that include relaxation and stress relief. This therapeutic practice goes far beyond that, though. Wood therapy is terrific for:

• Releasing tight muscles

• Breaking down fat and cellulite

• Toning and tightening skin

• Boosting metabolism

• Stimulating circulation

• Improving lymphatic drainage

In addition to these positive and rejuvenating benefits, wood therapy also has all the benefits of traditional massage. Wood therapy is 100% natural and safe. There are no detrimental effects from receiving wood therapy. If you have any questions and concerns about receiving wood therapy, contact your primary care physician before doing so.  

How Does Wood Therapy Feel?

Wood therapy is an unbelievably relaxing experience. Like a traditional massage, you have to work with your therapist to dial in on your personal needs. Once you get it worked out, the process is even more relaxing than a regular massage. 

You can feel the relief as the wood tools delicately release pent-up stress and pressure throughout your body. Do not skip wood therapy at your next spa session. 

How Long Before I See Results?

In most cases, you can see small positive results after your first treatment. After the third or fifth treatment, the effects are more profound. Wood therapy is an ongoing treatment, so the more you receive the treatment, the longer it will last, and the results will be more intense. On average, results last around three months after your last treatment, after that they tend to fade without further treatment. 

Wood Therapy Prices

(30 min treatment)

1 Session

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

12 Sessions


$300 (REG $500)

$560 (Reg $1000)

$720 (Reg $1500)

30 minutes

1 Session


4 Sessions

$300 (REG $500)

8 Sessions

$560 (REG $1000)

12 Sessions

$720 (REG $1500)

What to Expect


30 – 60 minutes






6 to 12 sessions


months / years

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Melt the stress and tension off with wood therapy. Feel the fat burn as wood therapy breaks down cellulite and tones skin. You deserve to feel great today!

For more information on how to renew overall skin tone and texture, book an appointment or consultation at our spa today.

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