Laser Hair Removal

One of the ways you can get rid of unwanted hair is through laser hair removal. The process uses low-dose UV light to destroy hair follicles inside your skin to prevent the hair from ever growing again. However, the process does not affect the surrounding tissue.

Our Broadway Beauty Factory Spa makes use of state-of-the-art advanced laser treatment technologies that will deal with your body hair for good. Through the use of Cynosure Elite technology, our laser machines can work with all skin types. Each of them has a YAG and Alex settings, each handling specific skin types, different from the other setting. Therefore, we can remove hair from Afro, Asian, and Caucasian skin types, among others. This treatment is good for men and women.

Where Can You Remove Your Hair

With our laser technology, our aestheticians can remove hair from nearly every part of the body except the eyes. Most of our customers come to get hair removed from the following parts:

•    Bikini lines
•    Underarms and arms
•    Legs
•    Chest and back
•    Face (cheeks, chin, and upper lip)

Our laser equipment is safe and effective for all types and colors of hair, from fine to thick, blonde to dark.

What to Expect

The hair removal process takes a few minutes. However, it may take up to half an hour if you need hair removed in large areas such as the legs and abdomen. You may require multiple treatments on the target area so that all the hair follicles are destroyed.

Between these treatment sessions, you may grow some hair, and it will thin down as hair follicles get destroyed.  You can groom as you usually do when this hair grows. You will have no remaining hair and no ingrown hair to worry about at the end of the treatment. 

Hair Removal Comparison
Laser Hair Removal

How Many Visits Will I make?

The number of visits you make to our New York spa is dependent on different factors, as explained below:

•    The thickness and texture of hair
•    The amount and extent of the area you want hair removed
•    The location of your hair

After the initial examination, the Beauty Factory Spa technicians will discuss the number of treatments you require to destroy all the hair follicles. There is no need to worry as each session is short. Besides, we can make a schedule that takes into consideration your busy day.

Does the Process Hurt? Are there Side Effects?

Our laser hair removal equipment uses UV light to destroy the hair follicles. UV light causes some tanning. However, this is temporary and should clear out in a few days. The service lies between shaving and wax hair removal. Laser hair removal is permanent, unlike shaving. It is also not as painful as wax hair removal. Most customers report feeling a tingling sensation, while others report a snapping feeling on the skin.

Other side effects are minor and clear up in a few days or hours. Besides, they are not felt by everyone. They include the following:

•    Redness
•    Swelling on the site of the treatment
•    A mild burning sensation like you would feel when experiencing a sunburn

After the treatment

None of these symptoms is severe, and you should get back to your activities as soon as possible. Prices for each service are personalized according to the needs of the customer. We would like to assess your body to determine the best treatment options.

Avoid any type of activity that could irritate hair follicles like excessive sweating, tanning, and sun exposure or make-up and lotion application after first 24 hours following treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Small Areas

1 Session

3 Sessions

6 Sessions

$50 (Reg $100)

$139 (Reg $300)

$239 (Reg $600)

3 Sessions

$139 (reg $300)

6 Sessions

$239 (reg $600)



Belly Line



Hands & Fingers


Feet & Toes


Upper Lips

Medium Areas

1 Session

3 Sessions

6 Sessions

$70 (Reg $150)

$150 (Reg $450)

$309 (Reg $600)

3 Sessions

$150 (reg $450)

6 Sessions

$309 (reg $600)

Extended Belly Line

Bikini Like

Back nack


Inner Thigh

Inner Butlocks

Upper Arms


Lower Arms

Large Areas

1 Session

3 Sessions

6 Sessions

$85 (Reg $160)

$220 (Reg $430)

$360 (Reg $960)

3 Sessions

$220 (reg $430)

6 Sessions

$360 (reg $960)



Upper Legs


Lower Legs

Upper Back

Lower BAck

Bikini Extended

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What to Expect


30-60 minutes


minor swelling & bruising




4 to 8 sessions



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