HydraFacial Therapy

Face HydraFacial

No matter your age, your facial skin needs a helping hand in regulating
cellular renewal. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive menu of skin boosting treatments as well as personal attention through which your unique
cosmetic needs can be addressed. HydraFacial™ treatment is a process that
enables our patients to leave our office looking and feeling beautifully

An efficacious way to improve your complexion, a facial is a non-negotiable
part of a healthy skincare regimen. Our custom facials treat many different
skin issues, such as acne flare-ups, environmental damage, wrinkles, and
fine lines. If you wish your complexion were clearer, cleaner, and brighter, our
facials incorporate myriad methods to fix dull, dry, or patchy skin. If your skin
shows signs of aging, acne, dehydration, congestion, tone/texture
imperfections, hormonal breakouts, and our customized facials will help.
Wrinkles & fine lines are never a welcome addition to our skin. Though the
appearance of frown lines, and other similar aging signs are completely
natural, they are rarely wanted. The most common method of addressing
these aging signs is surgery, but what if there were another way? At NYC
Beauty Factory Spa, we employ the use of non-invasive treatments to help
ease the appearance of wrinkles without downtime.

How Does This Treatment Work?

Our custom treatments typically include deep cleansing, exfoliation with
HydraFacial’s and/or dermaplaning, extractions, during this time, you will
have 15 minutes prior to your treatment to talk about your skin and the
issues you’re looking to address, without taking away from your 1-hour
treatment time. We suggest booking a custom treatment every 4-6 weeks
and offer a series of treatments to keep you on track.

Benefits of a Hydrafacial

A single Hydrafacial treatment offers several benefits. The primary
advantage of this professional facial is that your skin can look better
immediately without any downtime whatsoever. Patients also find the noninvasive nature of this facial appealing, as it allows them to boost their skin’s
natural regenerative processes without taking time out of their busy lives. A
Hydrafacial is a comfortable, convenient, and effective method of pressing
reset on the skin. Because of its gentle nature, this treatment is appropriate
for nearly all skin types.

After treatment, patients notice improvements such as increased radiance,
decreased pore size, and also a decline in puffiness. The infusion of nutrientrich serums into the skin can also diminish the appearance of fine lines.
Repeat treatments achieve cumulative effects that can extend the results of
the Hydrafacial for months.

Hydrafacial Therapy

Who can benefit from a Hydrafacial?

A Hydrafacial treatment is suitable for a broad range of patients. There are
no chemical solutions and no light energy involved in the process so virtually
no risk of adverse reaction. Individuals who are interested in minimizing the
appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and fine lines may
appreciate the various benefits of a Hydrafacial, as may the person who
wishes to promote more graceful aging by boosting the nourishment and
hydration of the skin.

How does a Hydrafacial work?

A Hydrafacial follows specific steps to cleanse, exfoliate, extract debris, and
infuse superficial tissue. Treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and
progresses to hydradermabrasion that dislodges surface debris and dead skin cells. Using vacuum suction, loosened matter is immediately removed
to reveal younger, healthier cells. The skin is now ready to absorb the
maximum amount of nutrition in the form of medical-grade serums.

Are there any side effects to Hydrafacial treatment?

Every step of the Hydrafacial is gentle and refreshing. Patients rarely report
side effects. Individuals who are prone to redness or sensitivity may
experience temporary flushing, but this fades very quickly if it occurs at all.

Can I wear makeup after a Hydrafacial?

Patients can apply makeup immediately after their Hydrafacial. However,
there may be extended benefits associated with going without for a day. The
freshly cleansed and nourished skin may respond even better when given 24
hours to completely absorb only the antioxidants, peptides, and other
solutions used during the facial.

How soon after a Hydrafacial will I see results?

Most people see an immediate boost in the radiance and softness of their
skin after a Hydrafacial. Pores may also be visibly smaller and fine lines less
prominent due to the infusion of hydration and rejuvenating serums.

How long do the results of a Hydrafacial last?

One Hydrafacial provides up to a full week of visible improvement.
Depending on your long-term objectives, you may wish to schedule a series
of treatments in our comfortable office. Up to four weekly treatments may
be arranged to quickly multiply the effects of each session. After the fourth
treatment, another one to two sessions may be scheduled four weeks or
longer apart to maintain the cumulative effects.

Can a Hydrafacial be combined with additional procedures?

Reveal your most radiant, youthful skin. Contact NYC Beauty Factory Spa for
your Hydrafacial consultation. At NYC Beauty factory Spa, patients benefit
from a comprehensive selection of beauty and wellness therapies. Our
priority is that each person achieves their desired outcome in the most
conservative manner so as not to increase risks of side effects. A
Hydrafacial treatment may coincide with other therapies to induce collagen
production or fill lines and creases. However, every circumstance is unique
and will be addressed based on the current condition of the skin and your
personal objectives.

Hydrafacial Therapy

We provide different HydraFacial Procedures.


Deeply cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin through our super serums filled
with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.


These invigorating treatments include all of the essentials of the Signature
HydraFacial while addressing specific skin concerns through HydraFacial’s
boosters and protocols.


Add CTGFTM to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, and elasticity.


Add a Britenol® Boost to minimize the appearance of dark spots.


Add a DermaBuilderTM boost to reduce the appearance of fine lines and


Extended Extractions and add Blue LED Light Therapy to remove congestion.


The ultimate HydraFacial experience. Begin the detoxification process with
Lymphatic Drainage. Follow with the Signature HydraFacial to deeply
cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. Address specific skin concerns with a
booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to
further reduce the visible signs of aging.

At NYC Beauty Factory Spa we will work with you every step of the way to
ensure that you get the most out of your experience with us. This means
providing you with both in-office and remote support after you complete your
treatment course. This dedication to your skin health will ensure that you get
the best results possible.

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