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12 months


minor swelling & bruising


up to 2 years


8 to 12 sessions



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The procedure renders hair follicles completely unable to regrow hair. You’ll be completely free to never think about shaving or waxing ever again

For more information on this noninvasive option for long-term removal of unwanted hair, book an appointment or consultation at our spa today.

A permanent solution to unwanted hair

Electrolysis is your long-term rescue from unwanted body hair that offers a comfortable and virtually painless solution for all skin colors and types. Apilus Senior 3G offers a customized electrolysis experience like no other to fulfill your personal hair removal needs.

Electrolysis is the only long-term solution to treat stubborn and ingrown hair without any side effects that’s why it is highly recommended for people with dark skin. Electrolysis can benefit men in the permanent removal of hair from the back, ear, chest, buttocks, hands, toes, hairline, arms and eyebrows.

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Safe for all skin types and body areas

Electrolysis is a technique that takes pride in being versatile and suitable for all skin types, hair growths and body areas. With electrolysis, you can effectively remove hair from all body parts such as upper and lower lip, chin, eyebrows, cheeks, jawline, underarms, abdomen, bikini line, breasts, hairline, arms, legs and back.

Electrolysis provides superior results in permanently removing dark, coarse, curly and wavy hair types, therefore, also addressing issues like ingrown hair, hyperpigmentation and darker spots. Since each hair is treated individually, therefore a systematic and precise treatment is ensured to provide the desired results.

Electrolysis Prices

Session Time in Minutes


5 Minutes


10 Minutes


15 Minutes


20 Minutes


25 Minutes


30 Minutes


35 Minutes


40 Minutes


45 Minutes


50 Minutes


55 Minutes


60 Minutes


75 Minutes


90 Minutes


105 Minutes


120 Minutes


Session Time – Price

5 Minutes – $35

10 minutes – $45

15 Minutes – $55

20 minutes – $65

25 Minutes – $75

30 minutes – $85

35 Minutes – $95

40 Minutes – $120

45 Minutes – $140

50 Minutes – $150

55 Minutes – $155

60 Minutes – $165

75 Minutes – $220

90 Minutes – $250

105 Minutes – $305

120 Minutes – $325

Session Time


Package of 5 – 5% Off 

as below

Package of 10 – 10% Off as below

15 Minutes




30 Minutes




45 Minutes




60 Minutes




Session Time

Price / Package of 5 / OF 10

15 Minutes

$55 / $261 / $495

30 Minutes

$85 / $404 / $765

45 Minutes

$140 / $665 / $1,260

60 Minutes

$165 / $783 / $1,485


Get rid of unwanted hair permanently with electrolysis with Apilus senior 3G device. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair removal and it offers a safe and comfortable treatment process.

With electrolysis, the germ cells responsible for hair growth can be permanently destroyed, by inserting a fine probe in the hair follicle and applying a current attuned to each hair type and specific treatment area. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and safe for all body parts for men, women and transgender.

After the treatment

Immediately after treatment you may experience slight redness or tenderness but it should disappear within next couple of hours. There is very little risk of complication or serious skin irritation when electrolysis is performed by a skilled practitioner.

Avoid any type of activity that could irritate hair follicles like excessive sweating, tanning, and prolonged sun exposure or make-up and lotion application after first 24 hours following treatment.

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