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Natural Beauty with Norvell Spray Tan

Imagine this: You are walking across the soft sand on the French Riviera. Glass of wine in hand, your tan glistens in the strong rays of the sun.
The water is sparkling, and you know that sun-kissed glow will look perfect with that yellow dress tonight. While this may not be a reality most days, you can find the next best thing; a natural-looking, glowing sunless tan.
The Norvell Spray Tan is a unique solution that is made of natural ingredients that deliver bronze, long-lasting color. Do you want to experience natural beauty with a Norvell spray tan? Read on to learn more about this type of spray tan process. 

What Is a Norvell Spray Tan?

The Norvell Spray Tan is an iconic sunless tan that delivers natural, perfectly bronzed skin all winter long. The solution is made with organic ingredients and has properties to avoid the all too common orange spray tan look. It is rated the #1 sunless tanning brand by tanning artists, and leaves thousands of customers happy and golden all year round.
The Norvell Spray Tan is available as an airbrush or booth tan, depending on what the salon uses. These world-class tanning solutions feature instant cosmetic bronzers for that immediate warmth, gradual tans, and skincare treatments so that the skin is ready to receive its gorgeous color. 
Self-tan solutions are also available and can be a great option to deliver long-lasting color. The three options for the self-tan are Vivid, Venetian, and Essentials.
Vivid features a combination of botanicals that are infused with antioxidants to protect and renew the skin. Venetian is developed with a combination of anti-orange bronzer pigments, to leave the skin as bronze as if it were soaking up that French Riviera sun. Essentials is blended with natural ingredients to create a subtle tone that is long-lasting and a beautiful complement to your natural skin tone.

Are the Ingredients Safe?

Yes; in fact, the Norvell Spray Tan will do wonders for your skin, beyond giving it gorgeous color. Each solution delivers a high dose of vitamins and antioxidants, leaving your skin renewed and refreshed. Nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Hawaiian Sea Extract, Sea Kelp and Vitamin C help to keep the tan smooth and long-lasting. 
Unlike many other spray tan solutions, the Norvell Spray Tan commits to keeping its products paraben-free. Additionally, for those wanting a more natural option, there are organic lines available. 
Safety comes first when it comes to a spray tan, and you can trust that the Norvell Spray Tan has your skin’s best interest in mind when delivering glowing results.

Will It Turn My Skin Orange?

No! Some of these solutions have anti-orange agents, which work to keep the skin bronze and not drift into brighter orange tones. Every skin shade works with this solution; it is not just for light or dark skin tones. 
The magic of the Norvell Spray Tan is that it customizes and adapts to your skin tone. This means that you and the next client may have different results when getting the tan. But you can guarantee that you will both walk out more beautiful than you could have imagined. 
The natural bronze tone that this solution gives you will create that fresh off the beach look. 

Do I Also Need to Use Sunscreen?

Please use sunscreen while using this product! It is simply a cosmetic tanner and has no sun protecting agents. Though your skin will look tanner, its ability to take on the powerful rays will be no different. Taking care of your skin from a young age is one of the best techniques that you can use to preserve beautiful, youthful-looking skin. 
Keep in mind, when going in to receive a Norvell Spray Tan, it is best to not have any other products on the skin. Be sure not to use sunscreen or lotion before receiving the tan.

Can I Do This at Home?

The Norvell Spray Tan is a professional solution, designed to be used at a salon. Technicians are specially trained to apply the product to their clients. This allows the tan to be evenly spread, without splotches or an uneven application. 
The best way to receive this treatment is to find a trusted salon in your area. Talk to them about your tan goals, and let them work their magic!
If you find yourself in the New York City area, be sure to check out Beauty Factory Spot. Their amazing team would love to give you the royal treatment and help you experience the tan of your dreams.

Does It Smell?

Sick of that must smell that all too many spray tans leave? Look no further! This spray tan will leave you feeling fresh and clean. With its raspberry almond scent.
Gone are the days of staying home after a spray tan out of embarrassment from that putrid smell. Now, keep on living and get out there with your spray tan. Confidence is key! Enjoy the golden glow as soon as you can. 

How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on where you receive the service. You want to ensure that you are getting a top-quality spray tan application, and often this costs more than a fast, careless process. 
Beauty Factory Spa in New York City has an amazing special for new customers. For just $50, you will walk out with the best spray tan of your life. Book your appointment today, and look great for the holidays while this deal lasts!
After the first session, each tan is $80. This is the price whether you want a competition blackout tan for stage use, or a more subtle Venetian tan for your next sexy getaway.
The Beauty Factory Spa has a special deal for those that want to get the magical Norvell Spray Tan, again and again. Customers can buy a set of three tans for only $200. 
Think of a spray tan as an investment. The better you look, the better you feel, and the better you can take charge of each day.

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How Can I Get Golden With a Norvell Spray Tan?

We’re so glad you asked! We will detail what you can do to prepare before your appointment, what to expect during, and how you can take care of your tan after. 
Before Your Appointment
The night before your appointment, take a hot shower and exfoliate your entire body. It is important to slough off the dead skin so that the technician is left with a clean, smooth surface.
If you choose to shave, it is good to do this before your appointment. Shaving frequently after your tan can cause the color to fade faster than it needs to. 
When getting ready before your appointment, there are a few things to keep out of your routine. Do not wear makeup if you plan to get the tan on your face. Though you can remove it at the salon, it is easiest to start your day with a fresh face.
Avoid putting deodorant on the day of. Don’t worry, these expert technicians want you to come like that! It can create a barrier in your underarm area, causing whiter patches where the tan doesn’t take as well. 
Finally, do not use perfume that day. The oils can cause the tan to not take as well in those areas. 
A general rule of thumb before a spray tan is that if you do not NEED to use something, do not. Keeping the routine that day as simple as possible is the way to go. 
During The Spray Tan
You’ve finally arrived at the salon… yay!! The best spray tan of your life is about to happen. If this is your first spray tan experience, I will walk you through a few things to expect. 
Most likely, your technician will ask you to become fully nude before the application. However, if you are not comfortable with this, no worries! Chat with your technician and agree on what works best to you. 
Your tan expert will begin by applying a primer with a high-pressure spray gun. This solution makes your skin ready to best absorb the tan. It also helps the tan to be longer-lasting, since the primer balances the pH in your skin.
Then, it’s tanning time! The solution may look different depending on which option you end up choosing. It can be a clear tan, a tan with bronzer, or a rapid tan with a bronzer solution. There are different levels of color that will cause the solution to look different. 
Before your technician applies the solution, talk to them about your desired outcome. This will determine the type of mix that they use and how dark your tan turns out. Like anything in life, communication is key!

After the Process

Finally, when the tan is done and you walk out with the most luscious skin of your life, remember to keep up great skincare! Moisturizing is key and keeps your skin supple. This prevents the skin from shedding as much as it normally would and keeps the tan lasting. 
One thing to consider is to limit the amount of shaving you do after the tan. Shaving your legs every day, for example, may cause those layers of skin to come off faster than they need to. Shave sparingly to keep it lasting for as long as possible. 
Typically, these Norvell Spray Tans will look great for about four days, but they can last up to a week depending on your skin type and how you take care of the tan. 
If you are going to a wedding or special event, it is best to get the tan a day or two before, so that the tan is at its best for that special day. 
Great Occasions to Get a Norvell Spray Tan
Every day is the perfect day to have that sun-kissed glow! However, this is not always realistic with the craziness of daily life. Planning out your spray tans for exciting events can make the process of getting one even more exciting. 
Spray tans are a great thing to add that extra ‘wow’ for a special occasion. They are very popular for weddings, dances, photoshoots, or bikini-clad vacations. Add a little extra glam for your next big day; you won’t regret it.

We Wish You a Beautiful Sun-Kissed Glow!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season! Thanks for reading with us and learning about the Norvell Spray Tan Today.
Your friends at Beauty Factory Spot would love to help you with all your tanning needs! We have a team of licensed professionals who will sit down, discuss your wishes, and make the tan magic happen. Reach out to us and book an appointment today for your next suntan.

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